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Kerala is one of the most beautiful states of South India and is called "God's Own Country". It lies between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, in the south-western region of India on the Malabar Coast. The term Kerala means "The land of coconuts". It is the thirteenth largest populous state of India. It has diverse geographical features. Kerala is popular for its lush greenery and coconut trees. 

The exotic Backwaters of Kerala draw a large number of tourists every year. Travelers from in and out of the country visit Kerala seeking the ancient holistic treatment of medicines called Ayurveda


Agra city was the capital of India in Mugal Era. Agra city is most mainstream Tourist Destination on the planet and acclaimed for its Architecture. Taj Mahal is most prevalent Tomb of Agra and in all landmarks. Taj Mahal is a mughal time huge sepulcher and fabricated by request of Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his most loved wife Mumtaj Begam. The Taj is built totaly in white marble. It took 20 years to develop. Taj Mahal is one of seven miracle of world and each individual need to come Agra for seeing the Taj from all aspects of World. The city is most well known city of Uttar Pradesh for Mugal Era Monuments, Beautiful Garden, Forts and museisum and third greatest city of State.

Agra is 200 km southeast from Delhi capital of national. Best session for Agra tourism is March to Oct. In the event that you are arranging Agra visit by taxi from Delhi Agra then you will reach around 2 hour. Agra is one of purpose of Golden Triangle. You can make your stay in Agra in exclusive expectation inn and resort and make the most of your outing.


Rajasthan is a state with such glorious history of the Kings and their empires, that once stood tall here. Touring this magical state that has vast desserts and high mountains, is a truly magic experience in itself. 

Rajasthan tour take you to the vast desserts of Bikaner and Jaisalmer that form the borders of the country. The beautiful sands and the mirage that forms gives a magical feeling and a memory to cherish for long.The very elegant and classy Rajasthani people are very friendly and warm with their manner and add up to the elegant experience of the state travel.

The very adventurous camel and elephant rides or even the extremely innovative art designs all have a their own charm. The entertaining Rajasthani dance is something you cannot miss while your visit to the royal Rajasthan. The All in all, the Rajasthan holiday packages leave you with an exotic tour experience that makes you want to come back and visit this extremely beautiful state over and over again.


The most visited cities of India are Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. All these three cities are equally distance from each other. The tour of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur cities is also known as Golden triangle tour. In India golden triangle tour packages mainly cover the three most visited destination of incredible India are including Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Delhi is the capital of our country India, Agra is illustrious for the Taj Mahal (symbol of love) and Jaipur the capital of majestic Rajasthan. 

On other hand, you can also explore away another more options, which are well known for the traditional classical golden tour to India. It takes you the some of previous and habitual traditional places of national capital of the India, Delhi - the gateway to North West India golden triangle packages. 


Ladakh is popularly known as "land of high passes" and is situated in Jammu and Kashmir. This region of Northern India has less population. The pollution free atmosphere with picturesque beauty draws numerous tourists from all over the world to Ladakh. 

It is well known for its snow capped mountains and rich culture (influenced by Tibetan culture), lush vegetation, exotic wildlife, beautiful flora and fauna and ancient monasteries. Adventurous people love to visit this place as it provides opportunities to various sports like trekking, rafting, mountaineering, cycling, camel, yak safari and jeep safari. 

This beautiful land of monasteries can be accessed easily through airways, railways and roadways. Ladakh is a place where peace drops in veil. Do visit this place once in a life time!


India is famous for its different and popular beaches. The beaches in India are located far away from the city life to give a peaceful and quiet environment to you after a terrific work schedule. The various amenities and the eye catchy view of the beaches give the feeling of romance also. The glistening sands, swaying coconut palms and mouth watering sea food is the main charm of the beaches in India.

The most suitable time for Goa travel is between the months of October and March. The weather in Goa is mainly marine tropical. The summer season is warm and humid while the winter season is mild and cool. Cool gentle wind blows over the beaches during the evening.

In addition to the scenic beauty, Goa is also a land of tradition and culture. It is home to beautiful religious and historical specimens. Goa used to be a Portuguese settlement and consists of beautiful churches, cathedrals, temples, forts and so on. You can embark on various types of Goa tours and make travel trips to Margao, Mapusa, Vasco, and Panaji and so on. 


Delhi has been in the centre of major political activities and even today, it still is with it being home to the national capital – New Delhi. Over the years, it has gained importance as a tourist destination owing to its historical structures, bustling markets, well-maintained museums and religious places. Though it is a year-round destination, the best time to visit this place is from the month of October till March


Varanasi (also known as Kashi and Banaras) is the oldest living city in India. The city holds a rich blend of spirituality combined with the cultural heritage of the place. Varanasi has been the ultimate pilgrimage spot for the scores of Hindus living in India

Apart from having temples, the city also has quite a few churches and mosques. This fact reveals the tolerance aspect about Varanasi. The hotels in Varanasi are all well built and boast of contemporary amenities. The hotels even offer holiday packages for people willing to tour the place for several days. The locals are quite warm and gentle. The staffs at the hotels are all well mannered. An aura of divinity lingers in the atmosphere once you visit this city. That is the specialty of Varanasi. You will experience it once you visit this holy land!

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Kashmir tour package from Delhi is undoubtedly a dream of every nature and adventure lover who seek peace to make most of their vacations. Enticing lakes are among prime attractions of Kashmir and millions of people book Kashmir tour package for visiting mainly wonderfully beautiful lakes of the world.


India is an incredible land on this earth. The country comprises with the best attractions found in every big state or city with ease. For instance, the South state of India is rich with varied tourist places which have their own significance and history of origin. Planning for the Southern India tour is a wise deal for the travelers who are seeking to explore the biggest lures of the state. Travelers can easily cherish the charm of exotic sea beaches, hill stations, beautiful lakes and many more. One can find the renowned visiting places in every big state or city of South India with ease.